Conveyancing Simplified provide 2 x Contract reviews to each client, FREE of charge*.

Whether you are a first home buyer or an astute investor, it is important that you have a Licensed professional act on your behalf in relation to your conveyancing transaction.

By using Conveyancing Simplified, its our aim to simply make the purchasing process easy and stress-free for you.

Once you have found a property to purchase and have negotiated the price, we will help you through each step of the transaction including:


  • Conducting a professional and thorough investigation of the contract
  • Negotiating terms of the contract
  • Organising your necessary pre-purchase inspection reports including Pest, Building, Strata/Community Reports.
  • Arranging an initial consultation to meet with you in our office to explain the contract terms and sign necessary documents.
  • Liaising with your broker/banker to assist in your loan approval process.
  • Requesting extensions of the cooling off period where necessary.
  • Attending to exchange of Contracts (if not under a cooling off period).


  • Attending to processing stamp duty payments and preparing any necessary stamp duty forms for your signature.
  • Liaising with your lender to ensure your mortgage documents are sent in a timely manner
  • Ordering all necessary statutory enquiries on the property.
  • Ordering title insurance on your behalf (see FAQS page for more information).
  • Serving Requisitions on Title on the Vendors representative.
  • Preparing Transfer document for the Vendors signature.


  • Co-ordinating settlement with your lender and the Vendors representative
  • Preparing settlement figures including adjustments for council/water rates etc
  • Sending cheque details to your lender
  • Advising you of the bank cheques required from you for any shortfall.
  • Providing you with an explanation of the settlement figures.
  • Attending settlement on your behalf.
  • Advising you immediately once settlement has taken place
  • Advising the agent immediately once settlement has taken place so you may obtain the keys.
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  • Registering the transfer with the Land Registry NSW
  • Forwarding necessary cheques to council/water/strata and notifying them of the change of ownership.
  • Obtaining original Certificate of Title which we can hold in safe keeping for you until such time as you wish to collect this from our office.

Conveyancing simplified will also hold onto your file for at least 7 years, so when you are ready to sell the property we will have everything necessary to assist you in selling.

*Limited to 2 x Contract reviews per person/purchasing entity per year.