Conveyancing Simplified have a 48-hour turn-around for Contract preparation once your initial instructions are received

In NSW it is a legal requirement to have a Contract for Sale prepared before your property can be advertised for sale.

Given that selling your home can be a complicated and stressful process, it is important you choose a qualified professional such as a Licensed Conveyancer to carry out the work on your behalf.

By using Conveyancing Simplified, our team will order all necessary searches and documents on your behalf and prepare your Contract for Sale in a fast and simple manner, complying with all current legislation.

Using the latest technology, we can forward this Contract to your nominated Real Estate Agent in an electronic format so that your property can be placed on the market without delay.

Once a purchaser is found, we will help you at each step of the transaction, including:


  • Negotiating terms of contract on your behalf,
    with the Purchasers representative

  • Advising you in relation to the terms of the contract
    and your obligations

  • Arranging exchange of Contracts with
    the Purchasers representatives

  • Preparing a discharge authority form (to discharge
    your mortgage) for you to sign in readiness


  • Ordering a Section 47 Certificate on
    your behalf (as required by law)

  • Requesting a discharge of your mortgage
    and liaising with your mortgagee

  • Replying to any requisitions on title
    raised by the Purchaser

  • Forwarding the Transfer document
    to you for signing


  • Co-ordinating settlement with your mortgagee
    and the Purchasers representative

  • Preparing settlement figures including adjustments
    for any council/water rates etc

  • Obtaining a payout figure from
    your mortgagee

  • Providing ¬†you with a breakdown of
    your settlement figures

  • Attending to settlement on your behalf

  • Banking the sale proceeds into
    your nominated account

  • Notifying you and the Real Estate Agent
    of settlement taking place